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My obsession for heels and all things glam started at a very young age and was fueled more so by my Aunty Haddy. She bought me my first pair of Knee high patent leather boots from "Limited Too" for Christmas, I wish I still had those boots! My Papa bought me my first pair of big girl heels and matching purse from "PayLess" my 6th-grade year, you could hear me coming down the halls by the click-clack of my heels.

My sense of style and all things heels evolved more when I was in HS. I dragged my mom to Macy's almost every weekend to get her to buy me a new pair of heels. I got my first job and was able to buy the longest weaves and highest of heels. I was voted most likely to be on Americas Next Top Model for the simple fact that I wore heels to school almost every day and made the hallways my runway!

In 2016 I had my own Cinderella moment when I met Velicia Hill (Ms. Heel). She made me realize that I can turn my LOVE for heels and all things glam into something more! I credit her for THE GLAMBIAN and helping me find my inner voice. 

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